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Cooking with COCO

Published on December 31, 2020

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Ways to serve coconuts

You’re probably familiar with coconut water by now. 

If you’re not, you should try it out. It’s a great way to keep your body hydrated and healthy without having to force yourself to consume something that’s, let’s be real, hard to chug down. It’s fragrant. It’s absolutely delicious. It keeps your body refreshed. What is there not to love? 

Coconut water itself is a holy grail, and it deserves all the love the world has to offer, but drinking coconut water is certainly not the only way you can enjoy your coco. Here are some things for you to try out when you’re feeling like you need to switch things up a little.

The Special Kind of Rice

Rice is a major source of carbohydrate many people. For most Asians, it’s the one thing that’s constant in almost all dishes. You eat it with a side dish; you fry it; you steam it; you make porridge out of it. There are just so many ways you can cook the grain that it will probably take you a lifetime to try all of them out. 

One of these ways is to cook it with coconut water. 

The standard way to cook rice is to cook it with water. You wash your rice, and cook it in a rice cooker or boil it over a stove with the ratio of one part rice, two parts water. Or, if you’re an Asian and is angered by the ridiculous measurements aforementioned, fill it with enough water just to cover the first joint of your index finger. Either way, after cooking your rice for the recommended amount of time, your rice should be ready to be eaten.

Cooking rice with coconut water is much the same, but instead of using water to cook the rice after washing it, you cook it with coconut water instead.

The result is a cloud of fluffy rice, with the added depth of the sweetness and fragrant smell from the coconut water. It’s a great accompaniment for curry, with the sweetness mixing with the spice to create a perfect combination of tastes. 

The Ice Block

Sometimes, the best way to keep your cool is the same way you’ve been keeping your cool since you’re old enough to eat—ice blocks. Really. Just imagine a long day out in the sweltering sun and enjoying an ice block afterwards. There’s really not much we can imagine that feels better than that. 

Instead of buying ice blocks from supermarkets though, you can make your own healthier version of it without needing to sacrifice the sweetness that’s a requirement for this type of dessert with coconut water.

The key is to use your coconut water
as the base for other sweet and sour fruits.

For example, you can blend coconut water with watermelon, and lime juice together in a blender to create a refreshingly sweet puree, put them in molds and freeze them. Leave the puree inside the freezer for several hours and voila, out come the icicles. It’s really as simple as that. 

Coconut water ice blocks are a wonderful way to experiment and create your own recipe with fruits you have on hand—strawberries, blueberries, mangoes—any of these will work. It’s an easy, no hassle kind of dessert that anyone can make at home.

The Juiced-Up Coconut

We’re supporters for authentic, all-natural coconut water here at R U COCO? But we also know that sometimes people can get bored. We understand that. We might not be, but we know not all of you can be ‘nutheads like us. It’s okay. 

Since coconut water is an ingredient that’s packed so tightly with health benefits and, again, tastes so good, though, we’ve found ways for you to enjoy your coconut drink when you’re feeling like jazzing things up a little. 

Look around your house and you’ll probably find some sort of citrus like limes, lemons, and oranges somewhere around. These fruits are a great way to enhance the flavour of sweet coconut juice by balancing them with a hint of sourness. You can juice them up, cut them into tiny slices and mix them together with the coconut water along with in some mint leaves for an extra dose of freshness.

This should take 5 minutes at the very most, and is a perfect drink for people who’d like to enjoy a drink that’s somewhat fancy without spending so much time making it.

For those who enjoy more meticulous things in life though, you can make a mocktail out of coconut water too. Take the coconut water, lavender, and blackberry mocktail, for example. Start with meshing up the blackberries to create a puree, then mix it with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Put the mixture into a glass, and fill the glass with ice. Pour in half a cup of chilled coconut water and finish filling the glass with lavender soda. The result should be a beautiful glass of mocktail for you to enjoy at home. 

And there you have it: these recipes are solid proofs of versatility for the magical coconut. Enjoy your drinks and stay COCO!




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