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Published on December 31, 2020

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We love coconuts.

That much should be clear. We’re proud of our products: where they come from; how they’re made; how they taste. R U COCO? is all about spreading love—the love we have for the locals whose knowledge and effort bring you our best tasting products; the love and respect we have for nature; the love we have for you, our customers.

Ah yes. Very cheesy. Very typical of
a company to say this, but we swear,
we’re not lying!

And really, there’s no better way to prove it to you then to take you through, one by one, what a bottle of R U COCO? is made out of. 

The Coconut

We’ve said it before: coconut is nature’s elixir. It’s great for your health—full of nutrients, electrolytes, medium chain fatty acids—all the good stuff. It’s an easy and delicious way to rehydrate after a bout of workout. Its fragrant and delicious taste beats all other “alternative” drinks on the market. 

What’s best about coconut is that all of this comes straight from nature. Nothing needs to be added for it to fit the taste and wants of the general public. No extra sugar, because the coconut juice itself is already sweet in taste. No added chemical substance for additional health benefits, since it’s already so, so rich in nutrients and electrolytes. No chemical fragrant, because the scent of coconut already makes you feel invigorated. 

We know this, and we care deeply about this. Our coconut water is a product of nature. We find the best that nature has to offer, and we bring it to you. Really, we don’t even add any preservatives in our products to ensure that the drink you hold in your hand is as organic, as true to what nature has offered as possible. 

The People

Our coconuts begin their journey in a tropical paradise called Thailand. There, in lush coconut plantations, acres and acres of coconut is tended to by local farmers, who have perfected their craft over centuries of coconut cultivation. 

The craft and details that goes into growing coconut is no joke. Google a Thai coconut plantations and you’ll see rows of coconut trees grown on dikes, separated by ditches to keep the tree sufficiently hydrated. The ditches also function as convenient waterways to transport tonnes of coconuts over a large span of land. Their method of growing and harvesting coconut is sustainable, too, with every usable part of the coconut tree properly utilised. 

The care the locals put into ensuring their coconuts are the best quality is something we value. These local knowledge and culture are precious gems in the world of agriculture, and we want to make sure that they get the spotlight they deserve.

The Earth

Welcome the R U COCO? club. In our effort to deliver you authentic, beneficial coconut water from local farmers, we also take the Earth into account. Sustainability is all the rage now—as it should be—and R U COCO? is Coco enough to rage with the world too. 

Take our packaging. You’ll notice that instead of PET bottles, our refreshing coconut drink is delivered to you in cartons. These cartons are made from sustainably sourced materials like bio-based polymer from sugar cane. What that means is that our packaging is completely renewable. These cartons are specifically designed to be recycled to help decrease the humungous amount of waste that goes into landfill every year and leave as little carbon footprint as possible. 

If you have any remote interest in news about nature in general, you’ll know that “green washing” is something that companies are doing to make sure that their images remain nice and polished and that they don’t get painted as “the Bad Guy” in today’s world of Global Warming and suffering turtles. It’s all talk and no action, and we resent that. 

From the communities that grow to these coconuts, the drinks, to Earth—these are R U COCO?’s driving force. We want to spread the love we have for the people who makes these wonderful coconuts; the love they have when tending to each tree; the love we have for the world, already suffering so much that none of us can afford the price of “green washing” and unsustainable consumption; the love we have for you—through our drinks. 

And really, it all boils down to that one single keyword: spreading. Our COCO Culture would not be possible if you’re not in it with us too. It may not be our drinks that you choose when you’re at the local convenient store. It may not be coconuts even (really, though, why?). If we’ve managed to convince you that caring for your body, local communities, and the world is something you should keep in consideration, that’s enough. 




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