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Straight from nature to you. R U COCO? 100% Coconut Water is a short, sweet dose of on-the-go hydration packed with the natural goodness you need to keep moving.

Nutritional value

Calories 15 kcal/100mL
Ash 0.52 g/100mL
Moisture 95.7 g/100mL
Carbohydrate 3.8 g/100mL
Total Fat less than 0.01 g/100mL
Saturated Fat less than 0.01 g/100mL
Magnesium (Mg) 9.76 mg/100mL
Trans-Fatty Acid less than 0.01 g/100mL
Sodium (Na) 21 mg/100mL
Calcium (Ca) 12 mg/100mL
Iron (Fe) less than 0.07 mg/100mL
Potassium (K) 230 mg/100mL
Fructose 0.71 g/100mL
Glucose 0.58 g/100mL
Sucrose 1.33 g/100mL
Phosphorus less than 10.00 mg/100mL
Salt (calculate from sodium) 0.05 g/100mL
Chloride 185.73 mg/100mL


Low Calories


All-Natural + Nothing Added

Fun Facts

Green or

In the tropics, coconuts are a huge green mass brimming with delicious coconut water. Overseas, they’re hard brown bombs. We use the former, the water-filled young coconuts.

Never been so hydrated

There aren’t enough words to describe the feeling you get from our coconuts. Coconut water is packed with so many electrolytes and flavors, it puts regular water to shame."

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Now, before you get angry, hear us out. I know you might not think you’re not one of those people who follow with bated breath all the latest gastronomical trends—or you might be.

coconut m*lk

Coconut has been the staple fruit of Thailand. Our country produces over a million tons of coconuts each year.